• Ancient Words, Ancient Songs, Ancient Mothers

    We have poisoned the land, water and air with all these "helpful" products and tools meant to better our lives. We integrated the laws and requirements of the one god so deeply within our social structures that a life of servitude is accepted reality. Therefore, we give our time and energy to the production of goods and services that are in turn destroying our quality of life and the futures of our children.
  • Imbolc, Disir, and The Turning Wheel

    The web of wyrd that the Norn's weave is intricate and varied but it creates a beautiful tapestry of all creation. It is woven of the threads of the past, entwined with the present with the ends dangling, waiting for the choices to be made that create the future. But it begins with the threads of the past.
  • Walk Into Silence Into The Unknown

  • Dead Cows, Regenerative Practices and The Solstice (orig 6/20/2022)

    There is a growing swell of people that desire a healthier environment for animals which produces a healthy product for humans. They are promoting NEW practices for gardening that helps the gardener produce good harvests without chemicals and with low water use.
  • Red Moon

    And I believe that agenda will move us from being so SELF- focused into a time when we are ALL-focused. A time when we finally begin to realize that we are just one of the many living organisms on this giant gas ball. And we are not the only living organism that can think, feel, act and protect its own.
  • The Resilience of Cedar Trees (orig 6/20/2022)

    A portion of the tree may die but the root continues to nourish the remaining limbs. Sometimes the root is so strong that two trees prosper on either end. A marvel indeed. And on the dead branches grows lichen, a new form of life altogether.
  • Where Will You Stand? (orig 2/7/2022)

    How will you fare? When someone comes to ask you to take from someone else the very things they depend on for their livelihood, health and well being, how will you react?
  • Her Healing Hands (orig 1/26/2022)

    I was working in the kitchen preparing the evening meal and checking on the oven. My mind was drifting through memories of my grandmother and stopped when I remembered her beautiful hands.
  • Ode To Cats...and Freya (orig 1/25/2022)

  • The Norns, The Web, Or Will? (orig 1/20/2022)

    For me, it is usually because they want to get my attention, or get through to me with a message, or to help me see and utilize a talent or skill that is needed. And the ladies always use the most unusual circumstances to get through to me and change my course.

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