• Light, Darkness, Earth and Rythm

    On this separate path there is light and darkness, earth which you can curl your toes into, and a rhythm familiar to your soul.
    The way between the two is a deep chasm that you must navigate.
    And we cannot wait for you.
  • An Adventure....That's All

    So today, standing fully in who we are, we only know this, everything on the path behind is crumbling, planned dreams have been tossed on waves and capsized, realities and ideals have shattered. We need pioneer, immigrant, sea faring spirits willing to walk unknown paths with only the possibility of finding opportunity as they walk.
  • The Truth of Warrior Women

    There are a handful of times in my life when I have witnessed the rage of a warrior in myself and all but a couple of those times, it was to protect someone else. It scared me the first time. It scared me to know that I could be so violent, that rage could be so instant and swift and precise. The protection of someone else is the most basic instinct of a mother, a sister, a friend, a pack member and a kin member. I will not stand by when a woman is being abused, when a friend is in danger, when a child is in danger and I fight with all that I am if you come against me. It is in my bones. It is in my blood.
  • The End of Our Independance

    We have given away freedom to choose, to work, to laugh, to gather and to celebrate. We have defiled the memory of those that fought against cold and snow and power and great armies to give us this land.
    We have done the unthinkable......
    We have dishonored the names of our ancestors.
  • Find The Path To Your Old Ones

    As Northern Europeans we have experienced severe spiritual drought, one that was supposed to be watered and fullfilled by Christianity but has left us parched none the less. So in past generations we went searching, longing for the connection to purpose and fulfillment, spirituality and understanding and the ever important sense of belonging. (cont)
  • Honoring Our Ancestral Mothers

    Morrigan by Lamorien
    "......It is also true that women were the incitors of warriors, the authority in her husbands absence and the one whose council was sought concerning the welcoming or turning away of other tribes. The voice of a woman concerning a man's honor was respected and acted upon. Women were considered the keepers of the family honor....."
  • It's Not Trendy, It Is The Way Back To Right!

    Raidho - ‚Äčis the cosmic law of right and archetypal order in the multiverse. This is expressed by such natural phenomena as the daily path of the sun and the cycles of nature and humanity. The R-rune is the mystery of divine law, manifest in both the multiverse and in humanity. Today the R-rune is a symbol of the "way back to right," through the conscious efforts of asatruarfolk to recover the essence of the primal order.
  • Why The Push For Sustainable Living?

    Painting by Robert Combs
  • Creating Secret Gardens

    photo Mary Reynolds 1st place entry in the prestigious 2002 Chelsea Garden Show.
  • Where The Wild Things Go

    Along dusty paths where trees darken the sky
    Beings dart beyond our eye
    The land gives voice through spirits song
    In flowery fields they dance along

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