Taking wood, bone, metals, pyrography and paints to create symbolic art with a story.  Each piece carries its own energy, and the energy helps us to navigate this multiverse (cosmos) with wisdom.

The sacrifice for greater wisdom is an ongoing event. When Odin hung on the tree, sacrificing himself to himself, it was to receive the wisdom of the runes. Odin passes this wisdom to us if we are willing to open ourselves to the myriad possibilities of the multiverse.

The inset is an original hand painted Raven and Rune design with words that remind us to keep the TRU path. Perfect piece for your home with a place to hang your ax or turn the hook around and hang your hat!

Ever heard the phrase "3rd times the charm"? This derived from the three joining spirals of the Triple Spiral, with the ancient Irish believing that everything happens in batches of 3.

The solar wheel represents the turning of the year with the four sections representing the four solstices. These sun wheels or solar wheels have been found in nearly every culture around the world as our ancestors knew their dependence on the sun to bring forth the harvest and insure their future survival.

Raven's fly over this land, circling, searching and calling their news. They welcome me in the morning, landing in the tree tops they are ever watchful throughout the day. The sign that Odin's eye is on me, walking with me, teaching, training and correcting. His wisdom always available through the faithful companions of Hrafnagud.

This alter taufr was crafted on a wheel with the turning wheel in mind. It has been carefully inscribed and is prepared for your altar or your wall. The Ingwaz in the center and the animals associated with Freyr/Fro Ing are meant to help the owner awaken the earth centered health, vitality and prosperity needed in the earth and in our own lives.

Yggdrasil's mysteries are as tangled as her branches. Each branch, each level of her rising crown revealing more of the 9 worlds and the interaction between them all. We learn that we come from our ancestors, their blood and bones are in our blood and bones, and never separated. We, ourselves, are our own tree with our roots nourished by our ancestors and we reach forth creating what should be from what is.

Awaken Warrior - Raven Rune Altar Wall Art

Nature is Our Frith - Wandering through the trees, grasses brushing our legs, mountains rising and falling as we walk, is our perfect peace. Our frith. It is in these places that we can hear the old gods, the voices of our ancestors. It is where we can sit and converse with them and find answers. Ancient drum beats, whistling winds and the rush of waters are the music of inspiration.

Gungnir and Ravens - Gungnir is the spear that Odin threw which began the Aesir/Vanir war. He is given the news of the world from his ravens Huginn and Muninn. Odin obtained the secret of the runes and then gave those secrets to those willing seekers.

I got to re-purpose two items with this piece. I find plate racks all the time, you know the ones that hung on the wall in your grandmother's kitchen? I decided to purchase a couple of nice ones, brought it home and just laid it down in the shop. I was given a large stack of sample cabinet doors and drawer fronts. The two were made for each other. Add a couple of decorative hooks, a strong wall mount on the back a little painting, staining and creative words in the center and here it is!

MJOLNIR Hand Painted Ax Hanger - The wood in this piece is a kitchen cabinet door sample. The hand painted Mjolnir will bring Thor's strength and protection to your home. Then you have Ansuz and Algiz to honor the gods and connect to runic energy.

FENRIR - Commissioned piece.

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