Let us sink into some wisdom for a time.  Disappear from this plain of reality that requires lists and boxes and accomplishments.  Such epocal times require solitude, dreaming, wisdom and a sense of adventure.   There is a poet that I came across in my reading today that caught my attention.  To be honest, it caught me at my spirit, for it speaks of our current quandary and walls to our change.  "Most human beings are at war with reality 50% of the time."  David Whyte It is time for us to get on with business, to step forward; even though realities, constants and outcomes are unknown.  But the collective we live among, the pounding influence in life is to look only for knowns, the things we can count on and see.  Droll life has become the norm.  David Whyte attributes the illusions that we believe as the obstacle that keeps us from our wall that leads to change. "The first illusion is that I can somehow construct a life in which I am not vulnerable.       The second illusion is that I can construct a life in which I will not have my heart broken     The third illusion is that I can somehow plan enough and arrange things so that I will be able to see the path to the end, right from where I am standing, right to the horizon."  David Whyte The third one got my attention today.  We are in that very place, standing looking forward and because we cannot see the path all the way to the end, we are not moving.  Most know that what we have been doing does not work, we are not amused or entertained anymore.  We have to move forward and create the change the collective desperately needs.  How do we do this?  "By actually standing in the ground of your life fully, not trying to abstract yourself into a strategic future,  that is actually just an escape from present heartbreak.  The ability to stand in the ground of your life and to look at the horizon that is pulling you - in that moment, you are the whole journey.  You are the whole conversation."  David Whyte Following the assigned and predicted path has never been my strength.  Falling into line and devoting time and energy to one skill, one designed purpose, never worked for me either.  I have had many careers in my life as a result, and I have gained much knowledge and many skills on the way.  And experience has taught, many times, that our well designed plans are no match for fate or destiny. It has always been about adventure and experience.   As heathens we have an advantage, we know that we are responsible for our own path and wisdom always walks with us in our need.  Our ancestors passed that on to us in our bones.  Whether viking or immigrant or pioneer, our ancestors scanned the horizon and went in the direction of the new possibility, opportunities yet to be uncovered and lands never seen.  Undaunted, they sailed on seas they had never traveled.  They left kingdom's of tyranny and traveled to new lands they had only heard of in stories.  They walked on earth yet broken by footsteps, in search of home.  We are restless when closed in, repetition dulls us and we realized long ago that sometimes well thought plans just get in the way of opportunity. So today, standing fully in who we are, we only know this, everything on the path behind is crumbling, planned dreams have been tossed on waves and capsized, realities and ideals have shattered.  We need pioneer, immigrant, sea faring spirits willing to walk unknown paths with only the possibility of finding opportunity as they walk.   With the din of the prognosticators in the background, calling everyone to stay in line, stay on the designed path for safety and comfort; we have to chance the unknown path, if we are ever to create something better, something strong and true.  Something worthy of our children and the songs they will sing of us at our passing, just as the songs and stories of our ancestors' adventures live on. We are more than capable, we have gained the skills needed and we have wisdom walking with us.  The path that is pulling at us is our collective answer and we are responsible to make it an epic tale of adventure.   To the songs they will sing!