People waited for the new day For the page to turn And in the new chapter they found the story did not change The names of the characters changed but the same perverse and dividing voice remained The people found there was still malaise, decadence, destruction, pestilence, perversion, corruption, tyranny, violence... The story has been the same for 2000 years. Two thousand years of control, power, greed, demands for obedience, and the destruction of soul.

There is another path, another road forward but I cannot put your foot on this path. You must choose. You must choose to leave the torturous way of history, the path that seeks your destruction.

On this separate path there is light and darkness, earth which you can curl your toes into, and a rhythm familiar to your soul. The way between the two is a deep chasm that you must navigate. And we cannot wait for you. We must journey forward, toes in earth, embracing light and darkness and the rhythm familiar to soul. We must For the survival of anyone and all is dependent on this journey. If you come.....we will be glad for it and we will meet on the rhythmic, turning wheel that journeys ever upward. Sigdrifasword