Consider this carefully.  It is important.  I know the answer for myself as I have been tested several times.  I also paid the price for standing and so did my family but I could not do anything else but stand.   I was working as a server in a restaurant in a small mountain town.  The owner of the restaurant had just sold his business to a man from Texas.  As soon as I met this man from Texas, I was on my guard.  First the deposits from the cashiers kept coming up short when the accountant was reconciling the proceeds.  I implemented extra measures to insure that the cashier's were not at fault.  The Texas man then glibly admitted that he had been taking some of the money as "petty cash".  I was more guarded.  A cook injured himself and had to be taken to the emergency room.  When he returned from work I asked if he had paperwork for me which he did.  A few days later I found out that there was no workman's comp insurance and the medical bills would not be paid.  I reported all these things to the accountant and General Manager.  The next day I was given my notice.  I was to leave at the end of the week.  That evening after shift, the Texas man made me an offer.  If I would keep quiet, he would promote me to assistant manager with a nice wage increase.  I refused.  On my final day I warned the accountant and the General Manager that this Texas man would disappear with all the cash and leave them with no money to meet payroll or pay bills.  They ignored my warning.  Three days later the Texas man was gone and so was all the money.   I was the provider for my family but I refused the offer, it was the only choice for me.   I worked at a private, exclusive facility where positions were seldom vacated.  One had come open and there was a woman who we believed would be offered this position.  However, to our surprise, someone from the outside had been hired.  As soon as I saw this new woman, I knew there was something wrong.  I watched her closely for a couple of weeks and warned the others to watch their paperwork and their backs.  They laughed me off.  Into her third week, and after some unscrupulous behavior that was all the gossip, the police showed up to arrest her.  She was wanted in another state for embezzlement.  At this same property a change of managing companies had occurred.  The department I managed had seen incredible growth and profitability which meant large bonuses for me.  My staff were well paid as well.  I was approached by the manager and asked if I would be willing to take a percentage of my staff's compensation and give it to another department that was not faring so well.  I was also asked to move some expenses onto my books so that the other department looked more profitable.  I was given an ultimatum actually.  Comply or give my notice.  I gave my notice.  I was given a grand farewell by the upper management and owners for my years of service.  Before I left, I exposed the truth about my departure and walked on.  There was no other choice for me.  These are two examples of the many times I have stood for truth, for right, for children and against our corrupt legal system.  It has always come with a cost.  Always.  But a price I willingly paid.  

How will you fare?  When someone comes to ask you to take from someone else the very things they depend on for their livelihood, health and well being, how will you react?   When the coal mine workers were striking because they could barely feed their families or provide a decent home, men that worked for the same company shot them dead when ordered to.  Remember this, when the Japanese immigrants living in the United States were forced into camps, the orders were given and followed and they lost their jobs, their homes and their freedom.  Our history is full of instances like this, betrayal, murder, destruction, and all in the name of power, control, greed and empty promises. So really, will you stand, for right, for truth, for your neighbors?