Cedar Trees are resilient creatures.  The wind may push against them, the soil wash from their feet, they may go through drought, and flood but they survive.  Not only do they live on but the very conditions they endure, create textured masterpieces.  A portion of the tree may die but the root continues to nourish the remaining limbs. Sometimes the root is so strong that two trees prosper on either end.  A marvel indeed.  And on the dead branches grows lichen, a new form of life altogether.   The sole purpose of this move was not to acquire a homestead.  This move was mostly about soul, my soul.  I wanted to be in a place of strong vibration and energy.  A place where my energy and the many lives of the land could begin to vibrate together.   We study, practice and experiment with Cymatics, (waves, currents, frequencies) energy fields and elements in order to better understand the dynamics of our universe and perhaps heal some of the ills of this age.  But that is us, standing outside as the observer.  What happens when you recognize those things in yourself and your land and your territory and you become fluid with it?  When you can hear and feel and shift energy as the cedar and the raven or elk?  When the ages of wisdom held in the stones become a song?  When there can be periods of total emersion in all of it.  What is possible?  ​I have to know, so back to the forest I go.