There are days that are set apart and you realize it the moment you open your eyes.  Snow outside covering everything with white splendor, and surrounded in grey clouds of whimsy.  The day begins with surprises and connections.  The sparkle of the snow carries crystalline energy everywhere and fills the mundane with potential. Finally, there is change, a new atmosphere and a shift in the energy.   These past months have been full of stops and starts; well laid plans that took unexpected side trips; learning and unlearning, building and loss.  It was a season where the multiverse shifts and rocks you along with it.  Everyone reminded us to ground ourselves, but really it was only intended to remind us that there was ground.  Nothing else remained true.   But today, after Imbolc and the goddesses, after the Disir, there was a shift. I have not pulled runes in about 8 months.  I had thought about doing it, wondered if I should but it never felt like the time.  My attention was in the present, watching, learning, changing.  There didn't seem to be an urgent message calling and my focus was different as it was intended.  But today…. I do a five rune pull placed inside a circle with the runes being the spokes for the wheel and the new message for this turn on the wheel. 

At the center of this wheel turn is Berkano, of course as it is the season but also because new seeds and beginnings are coming.  The foundation has been set Othala, our inheritance of both land and territory but also in our new understanding and spiritual inheritance from those gone before us and our own past lives.  From this foundation and through the New Seeds will come a greater understanding of the crystalline multiverse.   From the directed fire, the fire of sacrifice and aroma, the fire of need, the seeds receive the warmth they need to sprout and grow.  And through this time of new birthing in the earth and multiverse, we will be held in the joy of Wunjo.  Not the soft happy joy that is peddled to us all the time, but the old joy found in the rune poems.  Ever the fearless, but the fearful never will fare well in a fight.   To be glad is better than a gloomy mood whether all fall fair or foul. Sigurdhr Hagalaz reminds us of protection, and to never step far from the door without your ax.  Kenaz reminds us to keep our torch lit and othala reminds us of where we come from and the great army of ancestors and gods with us  so in a time of need we remembered and stand strong.  With this we begin  And there is crystalline magic in the air.   I thought of making a bind rune but the image of the runes inside a wheel which is surrounded by the entire runic energy much more closely portrays this 

time that we are in.  These energy fields, working inside a nucleus that is inside the energy field brought into play by the changes of the multiverse.  Yeaaaa crystalline magic.