A few months ago we decided to adopt two sisters, Isabelle and Anabelle.  These sleek black girls we adorable and playful, as all 4month old kittens are.  The personality and demeanor of cats has always suited me.  As a matter of fact, the reason we adopted these felines was because we were low on cats, having only one elderly female named Sarah.  Several years ago, my son declared that one day I would be the weird cat lady in the overgrown cottage with cats everywhere.  Cats would show up on my doorstep looking sad and pathetic, asking for a warm place and a little kibble.  I was always obliging, after all cats are normally independent and  practiced in the art of self care.  They are also very interesting characters.   I had a Seal Point Siamese that acted like a watch dog and always came to greet me at the door when I came home from work.  I had a feral kitten that never outgrew the need to hide behind furniture and attack as I walked by, just for fun.  I had a grey Tabby that would persistently chase a bird in a tree or on the roof and then cry and cry cuz she couldn't figure out how to come down.  I've had cats that were exceptional mothers to kittens and anything else that cried, including puppies or children.  Then I have had cats that would just as soon leave the little critters to starve.  I have always been able to befriend any stray and usually willing to take in wayward animals.  Tom, the cat was one of those projects.  Tom belonged to an elderly old woman and friend of the family.  When the woman passed away, my sister inherited her house and her cat.  The cat was a cantankerous sort that really didn't like anyone but Katie.  My sister got along with him well enough to feed him but he was not at all friendly with the rest of the household.  She called me and asked me if I would take Tom and see if I would have better luck.  Of course.  Tom came to our home and immediately went to hide.  Every time I would try to get close to him, bring food to him or even talk to him, he would  yowl and screech as if someone were killing him.  He found a safe place in my office and I just left food and water for him as he chose.  This went on for three days.  I would go into my office, he would growl and howl and I would ignore him.  Finally I had enough.  I got down on the floor and looked him in the eye as he hid in the closet.  I told him that I was sorry that Katie was gone and that things were strange for him.  I told him that I only wanted him to be happy and if he couldn't be happy with me, I would find another place.  I told him that we were going to need to become friends if we were to live together and the choice was left to him.  I sat down at my desk and began working.  About 30 minutes later he jumped up on my desk, laid his head on my hand and we were best friends forever.  At the end of his days, I carried him to the litter box, the food dish, outside with me and held him as long as he wanted, until he left me.   These new sisters love the outdoors, playing, stalking, pouncing and learning about farm life.  Isabelle would just as soon hang out with the husky and only comes to tell me she is in need of food.  Anabelle, on the other hand, owns me.  If she wants attention she jumps up on my shoulder and waits for me to make a cradle in my arms so that she can snuggle around my neck and rub her face against my cheek.  Yes very sweet except when you are trying to accomplish anything.  She follows me through my routine and chores and even lays on the vanity while I get ready in the morning.  A new loyal friend.   I have always known Freya as the hawk, as the one who soared over all things.  I knew her as the shape shifter and the warrior but I never sought to know her through her relationship to cats.  These new friends opened that knowing to me.  Cats are independent, loyal, affectionate or not at THEIR choosing, excellent stalkers and hunters, quiet stealthy observers and highly attuned and alert.  They can slip in and out of almost any situation completely unnoticed and they are lightning fast.  These characteristics are found in Freyja.  We know from the Edda's that Freya used her beauty to obtain whatever she wished, when she wished it.  We know that she is a formidable warrior and very aware and attuned to her surroundings.  We know that she can be kind and affectionate but we also know that you don't cross her.  We know that she takes her share of the dead first and leaves the rest for Odin.  With her knowledge of Seidr, runes and magic, it seems only fitting that she have cats.  Those mysterious creatures that disappear and appear without a sound.  May my new friends help me to know you better Freya!