Moving forward this year (2023), has me thankful for warm blankets, fires and a good cup of coffee.  2022 saw the return of regular activities, fairs, concerts and gatherings...but something changed.  The joy and enthusiasm were there, but somehow, those entertainments that used to enamor the majority, became hollow and mechanical, and left feeling a little flat.  There were a few exceptions, of course, and those exceptions were unusual and magical.   The universe has been trying to warn us, trying to prepare us, but for many it has still been a surprise.  I watch the movement of the planets, the stars and the changes in our own atmosphere and the earth.   The climate change marketing agenda is everywhere and yes, we have trashed our environment and outlived the usefulness of commercial and manufactured everything.  But there is something much bigger than us and our planet at work here.  I chuckle when I listen to those who think they have control of our future.  They are no more than actors in a play they wrote with a willing audience.  The reality that surrounds them has another agenda.  And I believe that agenda will move us from being so SELF- focused into a time when we are ALL-focused.  A time when we finally begin to realize that we are just one of the many living organisms on this giant gas ball.  And we are not the only living organism that can think, feel, act and protect its own.   Large solar flares, unprecedented snowfall and rainfall, record high temperatures, days and days of high winds, red suns and red moons.  Something new this way comes...  So, I will sit here and absorb when the red moon whispers on this dark night.