,"Collectively, this marks the start of a Revolution in the Fixed Signs 2022-2026. Just to give you an idea of how unusual this period is, the change agent slow-moving outer planets - Jupiter/ Saturn/ Uranus/ Pluto and the Nodes of Fate - are in an extremely rare procession through the Fixed Signs – Aquarius/ Taurus /Scorpio – until 2026. They overtake each other at various times, but throughout 2022-2026, all of them will trigger your fixed side - the parts of you most resistant to change - whether or not you have planets in these signs.  It will mean breaking the habits of a lifetime, forcing us to release thoughtless consumption, habits, beliefs, expectations and entitlements." from Hare In The Moon Astrology My mind spins and then I find myself grounded.  I dance with expectation and crumble into a ball of unbelief.  All this world is wildly unbelievable, as if a writer with an overactive imagination is laying out a story line for science fiction.  We chose this?  We chose to be born at this time?  Why?  That is for each individual to answer but I can tell you this....there is a purpose. For most of my life, my role or purpose has been leader/teacher/advocate.  I lobbied and fought systems that oppressed children and youth, I advocated for ethics in business and tried to educate decision makers on better methods, ideas and systems.  But all that changed through circumstances and crippling change, which led to something completely unusual.  In the pile of rubble, I found old dreams, the visions that played in my head as a child of future me.  New, old things began to tug at me and from that urging a new direction was created and a new road formed.  The weird thing was, as I walked the road and arrived at the culmination of the years of building for this change, I found I already knew that place.   The web of wyrd that the Norn's weave is intricate and varied but it creates a beautiful tapestry of all creation.  It is woven of the threads of the past, entwined with the present with the ends dangling, waiting for the choices to be made that create the future.  But it begins with the threads of the past.  The strands in the threads of the past are made up of old adventures, courageous acts, broken dreams, skills never fully utilized, loves found and loves lost....and on it goes.  All the missed potential and curated skills and talents are carried in those strands.  Waiting for this day, this immense time of change.   That is why the voice of the ancestors grows louder, that is why the call to walk away and begin again is so strong.   The universe is shifting and changing, stars are born and die, and all the energy fluctuation created from this change, is changing us, the collective us.  May our courage, curiosity, and spirit that longs to push limits, lead us to something new and wonderful.  We are fortunate to have access to really good tools to build something lasting, sustainable and epic if we choose.  The chaotic life of this age with all its standard requirements for achievement, is destroying everything.  The land is destroyed from the commercialization and systemization of almost every aspect of our lives.  Humanity has become overstimulated and lazy without purpose and adrift without connection.  No longer having time to know who they are but only what they do.  There was a time, and in some ways, I live it now, when people lived in small communities, or clans and tribes.  Where I live, we are all on multiple acres of land, farms and large ranches.  You can't always see your neighbor, but you know they are there.  You see each other at the post office or in town at the store, and some you see more often becoming friends.  We all work at taking care of ourselves, the animals and the land. Some are artists and craftsman; some are builders and some repairmen, but we all have animals and gardens and land to care for.   Until a few years ago I had not realized that the best way to undo the chaos in our world now is to get off the wheel.  We don't have to live as a cog in the wheel, we can step off.  Become independent.  Care for ourselves and our community and create something sustainable and lasting.  A legacy.  These words will begin to ring more and more true as you get older:   "Cattle die,Kinsmen die,You yourself must die.I know a thing that never dies,The name of a good man" It is possible to choose a different road, but it is a choice.  However, adventure is in my DNA how about you?