I have always been drawn to natural, organic healthy living.  I am the family "hippy  lady".  I understand your need to minimalize your use of cosmetics ladies, but don't let that keep you from good skin care.  Skin is a living organism that needs nurturing and care as much as your plants, animals and children do.  Major cosmetic companies make BIG bucks off this industry but your skin care program is in your kitchen and essential oils.  


1 Cup Organic Coconut Oil

1/4 Cup Jojoba Oil 

1 tsp Lavender, Rose or Rose Geranium essential oil (or to preference)

Put all these ingredients into your Ninja or blender and whirl away until well blended.  Pour into a clean glass jar and there you are!

In most Northern countries coconut oil solidifies in the winter months.  Just scoop out a portion into your hand and let it begin to melt before you message it into your skin.

For my face and neck I use jojoba oil with Rose Geranium but some may prefer lavender.  Your skin will glow!

The environment that we live in is full of toxins and harmful elements.  Taking the time to care for your skin brings healing and if you are putting healthy natural ingredients on your living organism then your body (which absorbs these products) will benefit as well.  

Eat well, drink water, exercise, get outdoors often.....AND care for your skin.