"The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only - and that is to support the ultimate career.”   Quote by British writer Clive Staples Lewis (1898-1963) more known as C.S. Lewis. Thank you @nordic-naturalforces for starting this conversation

As a culture we seem to have forgotten this very important CS Lewis quote.  The entire purpose of work is to provide what is necessary for the care of family.  It is not about title, prestige, ego or extravagance, it is only about family.  So how did we get so lost in this self-centered consumerism society?  It was actually easy.  Companies that learned to manufacture products had to convince us of two things: 1.  We needed to buy the product from them rather than make it ourselves or maybe go without the product 2.  They had to convince people to work to create the product and put forth their best effort.  They did this by appealing to the ego and giving them the promise of name and title for a job well done.  The companies grew in profit and greed and they became experts at deceiving the worker by telling them that if they worked hard enough for long enough they would one day have time to enjoy their home and family.  

This is an old story that has repeated itself over and over.  The Scottish (my heritage) sold out their countrymen, their independence and their freedom for English gold and the promise of land and title.  The Irish (also my heritage) feuded over the right to independent governance and religious freedom for centuries which divided the country.  Weak men who found more value in title, in property and in gold than in the future generations.   So we spend our days chasing the wage that allows us to pay for our houses full of stuff and our cars and our toys and our vacations and we forget why the hell we are doing all this in the first place.  We are caught on a merry-go-round with no way to make it stop!  And we are sick and stressed out and depressed and ....our souls are just lost!   Work for my great grandparents and my grandparents involved raising animals, growing food, building a home, barns, sheds, tables, chairs and building communities.  They lived in a time when there were no grocery stores (until much later in their lives), they didn't trust banks, they paid cash for land and houses, they sewed, canned and they helped each other.  They bartered and traded goods and skills and when one man/woman went down the community showed up to take up the slack.   That is tribe, that is the very roots of our heritage.   I am happy to report that there are people who have jumped from the merry-go-round AND LIVED.  The call of ancestral roots, of an authentic life with a real purpose that is in touch with real living things has grabbed many.   Now imagine working less and enjoying real life experiences more.  That starts with growing your own food and cutting your grocery bill.  It starts with learning to cook good, healthy meals from simple natural ingredients.  It starts with an energy efficient home and maybe even a home that is off the grid so then you can cut or eliminate your utility bill.  If you can cut the amount of money you need to live every month guess what?  You don't have to spend so much time working a J O B  or even better, you can do the work you love and spend lots of time with the people you love.  ​