Raidho - ​is the cosmic law of right and archetypal order in the multiverse. This is expressed by such natural phenomena as the daily path of the sun and the cycles of nature and humanity. The R-rune is the mystery of divine law, manifest in both the multiverse and in humanity.  Today the R-rune is a symbol of the "way back to right," through the conscious efforts of asatruarfolk to recover the essence of the primal order. Lore of the Elder Futhark. This rune represents the right order of the initiate's journey through the paths of the Nine Worlds of Yggdrasill. Good advice and judgment according to right are ascribed to raidho.  ​Raidho is the channeling of force according to natural laws along the right road leading to the right result. It describes, and analyzes, a certain aspect necessary to the working of the laws of cause and effect.  [excerpts taken from Futhark by Edred Thorson 

Before we go any further in sharing information on how to eat healthy and natural, how to garden and live sustainably, how to better care for the earth by eliminating chemicals from your home, I want you to know something.  This is NOT about the latest trend to live a healthy lifestyle or to get on the "environmentally friendly" train.   This is a hard turn, this is walking away from the destructive ideals, practices and decisions that have brought this world to the current level of slavery and destruction that we see today.  Harsh word you say?  It is slavery and that slavery has nothing to do with race or ethnicity.  Everyday people around the world get up, go to work for the majority of their waking hours,  to earn money to spend on the things that our current society deems important if you are to live, not live successfully, but just plain live.  No matter how hard we work we cannot escape.  "I owe, I owe so off to work I go."  Even if you do not have credit card debt or vehicle debt, you are still indebted to the civil authority that requires payment for your utilities; you still must earn the money to visit the grocery store or buy clothes or pay for the gas to get you to work.  You can never escape debt as long as you agree to and feed this system.