It has been coming gradually, slowly erroding away without our notice.  Then the perfect storm hit and everyone surrendered.  How does this happen?  

"If you give an inch, they will take a mile."  The old proverb explains it all.  

  • We can no longer disagree with our government officials, offices or those in powerful controling positions.  If we speak up, present alternate information and even if we have strong evidentiary backing, we are silenced.  If you are a whistle blower, you are banished, imprisoned or dead.
  • We have allowed extortion to be legalized and we gladly pay the protection payments.  Al Capone and those like him ran "protection rackets" where they promised to protect your business and family from harm if you paid them a fee.  This was illegal.  It has been renamed and legalized under the "insurance" label that promises to pay us if anything happens to our home, our business our vehicles and yes, even to us. We are now required to purchase it on everything and they get us to do it with the same promise of safety and protection.  
  • We no longer have sovereignty over our land or our businesses.  We are regulated, heavily taxed, required to licence, to serve or service everyone in spite of morals, ethics or beliefs. We cannot  start a business without permission and the same business can be closed without our consent.  
  • We have lost our voice in the governance of this nation.  Laws are presented and passed without the knowledge of the people and in favor of special interests and those who are responsible for creating and enlarging the reach of the "nanny state".
  • We no long have health liberty for ourselves or our children and we have no control of our food and water quality.  We are required to vaccinate our children or they may not attend public school.  Our military and our elderly are vaccinated without choice.  The availability of medical treatments and procedures are now decided by goverment bodies and corporations and not by our choice.  We do not have the choice of alternative medicine, plant medicine and they are not recognized by our government as legitimate but only anecdotal.  
  • We have destroyed our natural environment and poisoned our resources so much that they now threaten the survival of our children and future generations all for the promise of progress and comfort.  
  • We owe "the man" for everything.  In the early 1900's there were mining strikes by miners over the working conditions, labor hours and the debt that was created in the mining camps because the mining company controlled rent and the general stores.  These men worked to earn money to pay it back in the form of rent, supplies and food.  They were always in debt.  When they organized a strike they loaded the men on rail cars at gun point and took them far away, leaving their families to starve in the camps.  We live in this same debt society because we have given away our self sufficiency in favor of ease.

This year has been the final blow.  We have been ordered to our homes, told to shutter our businesses; told to stay away from friends and family and made fearful of other members of our community and we did it....willingly.  We have given away everything that my nieces/nephews, brothers, fathers, grandparents and all my ancestors ever fought for or believed in.  We have given away freedom to choose, to work, to laugh, to gather and to celebrate.  We have defiled the memory of those that fought against cold and snow and power and great armies to give us this land.  

We have done the unthinkable......

We have dishonored the names of our ancestors.

For those who really don't know any better it matters not.  

For those who know and who see the truth of our condition;  for those who value honor, right justice, courage and sovereignty it should be devastating....and a call to action.